The aims of The Playhouse are to:

Create a multicultural community of parents with young children who would like to make or maintain contact with the English language and culture in the context of child-centred education.
Increase links and understanding between the English-speaking and Catalan and Spanish culture(s) and communities.
Meeting point and point of contact for other English-language activities aimed at parents and children who wish to take part in a wide variety of groups, workshops and clubs with the aim of offering support and information to those going through the experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Sarah Yandell

Founder and coordinator of The Playhouse, Sarah has a degree in Education Studies and 13 years experience in educational management. She is also mother of three children aged 13, 11 and 1.5. The idea for The Playhouse came about when her eldest child was small and she was looking for an alternative to the traditional model of nursery education in Barcelona.
Sarah believes in a child-centred, flexible, individualised and creative approach to early years education, a vital moment in the child’s development. She hopes The Playhouse will continue to be a point of contact and meeting place for all English-speaking parents with young children in Barcelona, and will keep on shining as an example of excellence and best practice in early years education in the city.

Raquel García
A qualified Early Years teacher with a degree from the University of Barcelona, and a student of Shiatsu. I have worked in different schools in Barcelona with children aged 0-6. At The Playhouse I enjoy working in a more creative and flexible way, in a centre where the children are in charge of their own learning experience. I also teach baby massage classes to families. I have worked at The Playhouse for 8 years.

Noortje Geeris
I qualified as a teacher in The Netherlands, and later specialized as a bereavement counselor for children where I learned to use all of my senses to recognise and understand the emotions and special needs of children.
For four years I worked as a group leader in a large nursery in Rotterdam, and although I loved my job, in 2010 I made the decision to move to Barcelona .
For me, working and being with children is a constant learning process. It is a great privilege to accompany the children on their path of positive growth and development.
It is now my 6th year at The Playhouse. I have found a special place. The Playhouse is a centre were the children always can be themselves.

Nadia Wood
Nadia is the newest addition to our team. Welcome Nadia! A native English, TEFL-qualified English YL teacher, Nadia loves working with The Playhouse children. Her special interests are art and creative project work with the children.