Thanks to the wondeful, caring environment at Playhouse our daughter had the best possible start and experience with the "outside world" possible.

We looked at many different alternatives in Barcelona before choosing Playhouse.

The true calm, respect and understanding of children that the teachers at Playhouse have for children was something we really did not find anywhere else.

Our daughter really loved her time there, build confidence and trust towards other people and least but not last, made some really good friends. If we have another child I would not put her/him anywhere else!

Jonna, mother to Lemonie.

Playhouse provides a wonderful space for children to grow and develop in
a respectful, fun, stimulating, home-from-home environment. All of my 3
children loved their time there and thrived on the low teacher to child
ratio, which I´m sure helped their speech in both English and Catalan,
as well as them feeling nurtured and cared for. The staff have a real
passion for what they do.

My children liked the fact that they were able to choose the activity
they did from various things going on. They especially enjoyed the
artwork, belly dancing, songs with movements and time outside on the
slides. The shared ´hello song´, snack time and group activities
helped provide them with the group social skills they would later need
for the transition to school. At home, even now, the songs used at
Playhouse to transition between activities are still effective. All I
need to do is sing 'Ít´s time to ....tidy up/clean teeth/wash hands..'
etc and it gets their attention.

I liked the fact there was a calming atmosphere on arrival each morning,
plenty of books around and stories being read.

It is lovely as an English mum living abroad to have your children come
home and suddenly sing an English nursery rhymes you have not taught
them. Also the Playhouse was a great place to meet other mums from
around the world and we still treasure and enjoy and friendships both my
children and I made there.

I cannot recommend Playhouse highly enough!


Maia and Jan have been going to The Playhouse since they were almost 2
years old, first at The Playhouse from Monday to Friday and once
they started school they have enjoyed the Saturday Playhouse. For us
Playhouse has been a fantastic way for our kids to get the first contact
with school routine, enjoy and learn by playing and a very important
source of english conversation, apart from their family. Maia is
allergic to dairy and since the first day the teachers have given the
right attention and she has never had a problem. We will certainly take
our third child to The Playhouse thanks to Sarah and her excellent team.


Playhouse was an extremely positive experience for both my kids. Their first home away from home, Playhouse was a loving and playful environment. The gentle approach to adaptation allowing for parent and grandparent involvement was reassuring as a parent and helpful for building confidence and security in the initial weeks for my little ones. The bi-lingual mother tongue environment was also a great introduction of Catalan for my native English speaking kids. We have fond memories interacting with other families and look forward to sharing more when it is time for our youngest to join.
(Vicki, mommy of Leila and Lucas)

The Playhouse ha estat i és una experiència meravellosa per a tota la
nostra família i especialment per a la nostra filla. És una gran
alegria que cada matí tingui tanta il·lusió per anar-hi, que hi hagi
fet els primers amics, que hi jugui i hi aprengui tant, i que n'estigui
tan contenta i orgullosa. Des del primer moment hem tingut la sensació
que a la Playhouse l'entenen i la coneixen de veritat.
Per a nosaltres, el més important és que la nostra filla hi sigui tan
feliç. Però, a més, ens encanta perquè és un lloc tranquil, càlid,
acollidor i respectuós.
La personalitat i professionalitat de totes les educadores és
extraordinària. La nostra filla hi ha trobat una segona família i
nosaltres també: amb ajuda quan l'hem necessitada, i moltes
oportunitats per conèixer altres famílies amb qui ara ens apreciem i
ens divertim. Com a pares, a la Playhouse també hi aprenem moltíssim.
Gràcies, Sarah, per la teva generositat excepcional.

(Mireia, mama de Ares i Èlia)